Leather Hats - A Guide to Different Types of Leather

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Leather has long been a favoured material for crafting hats and caps due to its durability, versatility, and timeless style. When it comes to headwear, the choice of leather can significantly impact the overall look and feel of the hat. In this article, we’ll explore various types of leather commonly used in hat and cap making, including pigskin, cowhide, goatskin, suede, lambskin, nappa leather, and sheepskin. Each type has its unique characteristics, making it suitable for different styles and occasions.

Pigskin Leather:

Pigskin leather is known for its soft texture and supple feel, making it an excellent choice for comfortable headwear. It is also quite durable, making it perfect for everyday wear. Pigskin leather hats and caps are often preferred for outdoor activities like hiking and camping, as they can withstand rough use and exposure to the elements. The natural grain pattern and occasional blemishes give pigskin leather hats a rugged and authentic appearance.

Cowhide Leather:

Cowhide leather is one of the most commonly used leathers for hats and caps. It is highly durable and can withstand heavy wear and tear. Cowhide hats and caps are often associated with rugged, Western, and classic styles. They are well-suited for outdoor adventures and can provide excellent protection from the sun and rain.

Goatskin Leather:

Goatskin leather is known for its lightweight and incredibly smooth and soft touch. It is an ideal choice for making lightweight, elegant and comfortable hats and caps. Goatskin leather is often used in making stylish and fashionable headwear that suits both casual and formal occasions. It has a distinct grain pattern that adds character to the hat’s design.

Suede Leather:

Suede leather is a popular choice for creating hats and caps with a luxurious and velvety texture. Suede is made from the inner side of the animal hide, giving it a softer feel compared to other leathers. Suede hats and caps are often chosen for their elegant and refined appearance, making them suitable for formal events and fashion-forward outfits.

Lambskin Leather:

Lambskin leather is renowned for its exceptionally soft and supple texture. It is one of the finest and most luxurious leathers available, making it a premium choice for high-end hats and caps. Lambskin leather headwear is favoured for its unmatched comfort and elegant appearance. It’s often seen in designer hats and is perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to any outfit.

Nappa Leather:

Nappa leather is a premium, full-grain leather that undergoes a special tanning process to achieve its exceptional softness and smooth surface. Nappa leather hats and caps are synonymous with luxury and refinement. They are often found in high-end fashion collections and are favored for their timeless elegance and comfort.

Sheepskin Leather:

Sheepskin leather is known for its softness, lightweight feel, and natural insulation properties. Sheepskin hats and caps are particularly suitable for cold weather, as they provide excellent warmth and comfort. These hats are often lined with shearling, making them perfect for winter outings and outdoor activities in chilly climates.


When it comes to selecting the right leather for your hat or cap, consider both style and function. Each type of leather mentioned above has its unique characteristics, offering a wide range of choices to suit different preferences and occasions. Whether you prefer the rugged durability of cowhide, the luxurious comfort of lambskin, or the elegant refinement of suede, there’s a leather type that can complement your personal style and meet your specific needs. Ultimately, the choice of leather can elevate your headwear to a new level of quality and craftsmanship.

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