Measuring Your Head

Using a soft tape measure place it around your head, positioned mid-forehead and just above your ears (where you can imagine the base of the hat will be resting). 

Once you have the tape in the correct place try and wiggle two fingers between the tape and your head to allow for a little extra room, there is nothing worse than a hat that fits two tightly. Measure in either cm’s or inches to find your perfect size. You can then use our hat sizing chart below to find your size. if you fall between two sizes we would recommend going up a size.

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Cleaning Your Hat

Due to the many materials used in headwear there will be different methods used to clean your hat or cap. Firstly check the care instructions on the label inside the hat or cap, especially if you are unsure of its material.

If the product can’t be machine washed, then a hat brush with cold water is the safest option or a slightly damp cloth. Always allow your hat to air-dry naturally and on a flat surface.  If the staining is stubborn you could use a mild detergent and cold water with your soft bristled brush to remove any stains, be sure to remove the detergent after the cleaning process.

If you have any doubts then please seek a professional cleaner, especially for fabrics such as silk, lace and cashmere.

Hat Care Tips

Lightly clean your hat with a soft bristled hat brush regularly to keep it free of dirt and dust. If your hat gets wet, dry it immediately and naturally. If it needs reshaping you can do this with your hands or by stuffing the crown to the desired shape and then leave to dry.

Please see our cleaning your hat section above for tips and suggestions if you need a more thorough clean than using a brush. If in doubt and you are concerned of damaging your hat please speak to a professional cleaner.

We recommend storing your hat in a box if at all possible especially for longer periods of time, particularly seasonal headwear for example. Stuffing the crown to keep the shape would be great and always store it away from sunlight and damp areas to prevent any fading, cracking or mould appearing. Your hat might need a quick brush down but it will then be in perfect condition when you want to wear it again.

Try to avoid handling your hat by pinching the crown. This is very important with straw and Panama hats as it can lead to cracking over time, the oils from our hands also get transferred to the same area if we touch it repeatedly, which will weaken the straw. The same goes for many fabrics, oils will leave marks and they are difficult to remove and lead to dark patches on wool and possibly cracking on leather. Picking it up by the brim is the best option.

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